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Felimare marci (Ev. Marcus, 1971)

  • Felimare marci (Ev. Marcus, 1971) 

        Hypselodoris marci Marcus, 1971: 941-943, figs. 39-42 


Ilha Bela, São Paulo, Brazil (Photo: Carlo M. Cunha, size 45 mm)

Type locality: 4°46'00"S, 35°24'05"W, [off Rio Grande do Norte] Brazil

Distribution: Rio Grande do Norte to São Paulo, Brazil. Other localities click here.

  • Johnson RF & Gosliner TM (2012) Traditional taxonomic groupings mask evolutionary history: A molecular phylogeny and new classification of the chromodorid nudibranchs. PLoS ONE 7(4): e33479., [available online
  • Marcus Ev (1971) Opisthobranchs from northern Brazil. Bulletin of Marine Science 20: 922-951.

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